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Doja offers fully customizable cannabis social media management services which allow your business to successfully stand out amongst the rest.

Our team understands how to navigate the unique social media challenges of your marijuana marketing across various platforms. Doja Media Production can create beautiful, custom designed graphics + personalized cannabis photography to fully integrate your brand with your social media campaigns.

With results-driven, custom branded content, our cannabis social media management builds engaging, tasteful campaigns; growing your online presence + brand awareness.


The reason social media marketing works is that it gives your cannabis storefront, delivery service, or other cannabis business opportunities to directly engage with your current followers + customers as well as opportunity to attract new loyal customers.

We offer fully integrated social media marketing to increase your engagement + growth in every direction.

From our targeted engagement + fully customized campaigns, to our dispensary marketing expertise and result-driven data analytics, Doja Media is the right partner for your cannabis social media marketing.


Engagement with your customer base + the opportunity to connect with new customers is a huge advantage to your success.

However, marijuana social media marketing is a necessity  to your long term success. 

Revealing previously unexplored insights on how to best serve your target consumers.

Social media platforms offer useful data to customize your social media campaigns + brand awareness even further.

Doja Media gathers consumer research + regularly tracks analytics data to help build your campaign and stay on top of what your consumer market best responds to.


Don't forget to tap into the powerful advantages of customized Email campaigning to further engage with your customers + grow your brand awareness on a fun, engaging level.

Our Team is experienced in creating engaging Email campaigns cloaked in fun, useful, + relevant information to inspire it's reader to take action, while opening further lines of communication + education. 

Paired with our fully customizable templates, + analytics optimized scheduling, you'll have a beautiful campaign to keep your brand relevant + have customers coming back for more.

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